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At playschool, we take time to get to know each dog personally, so we understand their individual characters and needs. It is extremely important to us that your dog feels happy and confident amongst his/her new best friends, so we will never rush the settling in process.

Always under the constant supervision of fully trained play leaders, your dog will have the freedom to play in an outdoor, natural environment with new best friends, burning off energy and having a great day while you’re hard at work!

Puppy Socialisation

We have a Puppy Paddock for the youngsters so they can rough ‘n’ tumble with their friends without a care in the world. Whilst their little bones are growing they’ll need several puppy dogs rests during the day, and with plenty of beds and rugs, the Cosy Cabin is just the place for a nap.

Rescue Rehabilitation

We have a 100% success rate with rehabilitating troubled rescue dogs who are struggling to deal with certain aspects of their new life. We’ve helped dogs overcome all kinds of fears, and taught them how to trust again, and how to play confidently with their new best friends.

Playschool for Every Dog

Some dogs come to playschool simply because their mums and dads are at work, some come because they have poor recall, so can’t be exercised off the lead, some come to learn manners, some come because they’re a bit chubby, and some come because they absolutely love playing with their best friends.

Mini Meadow

There’s a separate play area for the little ones, allowing them to play confidently without bigger dogs barging past. Very popular in their mini meadow is The Reasonably Priced, Deceptively Spacious, Modern Detached, Chalet Bungalow. The minis even have their own barn so if it’s raining we simply move under cover and do handbrake turns in the straw.

Some of our senior citizens just like to potter about at their own pace, stopping for a natter or little lie down here and there, and the mini meadow is just the place.

The Bald Park

The bigger, high energy dogs love nothing more than cavorting about in The Bald Park. There are no obstacles to run into… not even a blade of grass (hence the name), just a big open space for a good old gallop.

Puppy Paddock

Almost exclusively for puppies, this little paddock also has a marquee in which to play. We say almost exclusively… we’ll often bring some of our senior citizens in to meet the puppies. There are several benefits in this; we often find the older dogs get a little spring in their step as they are flattered by the enthusiastic welcome from adoring puppies, but equally, they will give the youngsters a friendly ‘ticking off’ if they overstep the mark. Respect is learned here.

Water Park

Always popular with the Labradors, the water park has a swimming pool, several paddling pools and splash ponds. (Watch out for the German Shepherds getting their towels down early!) On warmer days, we’ll play hose pipe games, and in the muddy months, this is where we prepare dogs for home time with a warm water foot spa.

Secret Jungle of Great Adventure

There’s nothing quite as exciting as exploring in the undergrowth, so for those that like to put their nose to the ground, or just potter in the scrub, The Secret Jungle is the place to be.

Cosy Cabin

As unbelievable as it may sound, there are occasions in this country when the weather isn’t all we would hope for. Fortunately, our Cosy Cabin is decked out with armchairs, beds and rugs, so dogs can snuggle down with friends in front of the fire.

Map of Playschool

There’s a lot to remember, so we’ve made a little map to help...

Safety and Security

Sadly, there is a real risk of dog theft these days, and with that in mind, we have with some very strict policies and procedures which may seem a little extreme, but the safety of our dogs is of the highest priority and we will not make any compromises in this area.

We have two sets of seven feet tall gates which are locked whilst Playschool is in progress, and visitors are not permitted. Anyone wishing to view the facilities may do so by appointment, and even then, it will never be during Playschool hours.

Because of the security implications, and to avoid playschool dogs being distracted by new arrivals, we always collect and return dogs to their homes in our funbuses. Dogs may not be dropped off or collected from Playschool.

The Playschool meadows are fully enclosed, with secure boundary fencing and locked gates. Dogs are constantly supervised and are never separated or left unattended.

When chauffeuring dogs in our funbuses, the vehicle doors are locked at all times, including every time we get in or out of the vehicle to take dogs into their homes.

Our Play Leaders are hand-picked dog lovers who are well known to us and live locally.

There is always a qualified Canine First Aid Play Leader on site.

Why choose Playschool for your dog?

We take time to get to know every dog personally so that we understand their individual needs and characters. As well as having the freedom to cavort about with buddies, we provide structured play on a daily basis, and your dog will be encouraged to display good manners and discipline.


It is extremely important to us that your dog feels happy and confident at playschool. All our play leaders are dog lovers who are fully trained in animal behavior, and tummy tickles are on the menu every day.


Before being enrolled, dogs are required to come along for a Social Session where they can be introduced to their surroundings and meet their prospective play leader.


We never take unknown dogs on an ad hoc basis, so you can feel comfortable that your dog is amongst friends every day.


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Tummies Tickled


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Hours of Fun

How it Works

Because we are a playschool, not simply a day care, we invest a huge amount of effort and energy into providing a structured day for each individual dog according to their personality, age and energy levels. We will ensure your dog feels happy and confident at all times, with cuddles and fusses on offer throughout the day. Your dog will have a designated playleader who will be with them throughout their first day, helping them to meet their new best friends and settle in.

If you think playschool is right for your dog, the next step would be for us to arrange a home visit so we can meet your dog, during which time you can fire questions at us. If you’d like to proceed from there, then there’s some paperwork to be done. We’ll require proof of vaccinations and there are a few forms to be signed. Once we have all the paperwork back, we can enrol your dog.

We will need to discuss which days you’d like your dog to attend, and we’ll require two sets of keys to your house.

Dogs are always collected and returned in one of our funbuses and cannot be dropped off or collected from playschool. We take security extremely seriously, and have two sets of seven feet high gates which are locked whilst playschool is in progress - and that’s how they stay until home time.

Collection and home times can vary from one day to the next, depending on our route for the day, and whether they are on the first or second run. Broadly speaking, pick ups are between 9.15/10.15, with home times between 2.15/3.15. Dogs will be away from home for approximately four / four and a half hours or possibly longer if you live further away. If your dog is collected on the second run, they will be returned on the second run.

Sometimes, if we’re having too much fun we may play a little longer, so please don’t be worried if your dog is home later than usual. Equally if it rains heavily, non stop – or if there is a risk of thunder, we may pack up slightly earlier. Our mission is for your dog to have a lovely day – not to mark time!

In order to secure their place at playschool, dogs are required to attend a minimum of one day a week, however there is obviously flexibility during holiday periods.

As a service provider we aim to support you – not make your life more complicated. As such we try to be very flexible so if you don’t have set days it’s not the end of the world and we can usually work with you.

Invoices are emailed at the end of each month, and payment can be made online.

If all this sounds just right for you and your dog, please do get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.


A day at Playschool costs £20 + VAT.

For dogs who attend multiple days a week, we have a sliding scale to reduce the price per day. This can vary according to location, size of dog etc.

For multiple dogs from one household, we are happy to reduce the price per day, and again, this depends on location and the size of your dogs.

For dogs who will require extra care and attention, for example, rescue rehabilitation, a price will be agreed to reflect the level of professional help.

Please note, we do not do sleepovers .

A Few of Our Favourites


Meet the Team

All of staff are fully trained in understanding dog behaviour. Because we have a genuine love of dogs, and invest a great deal of time in getting to know each individual and their characteristics, we are very easily able to read their moods and specific requirements.









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